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Aoi Minamoto

Aoi Minamoto

Data X Supervisor
Aoi Minamoto
Panasonic Energy

Aoi is a Data Supervisor at a Global Leading Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing (lithium ion battery for EV) Industry. She was Born with a left eye vision disability. Aoi is responsible for applying AI solutions at the Kansas smart factory. She is currently working on MES and design digital tools to facilitate production process.

Aoi leads to develop "Terminology searching Applications" to explain manufacturing terminologies with images within the corporations in the US and Japan.

Aoi previously worked as a senior data strategist at World Top Advertising company in Japan. Results-oriented and dynamic Digital Solutions Lead. She is passionate on designing user experiences to facilitate Human-Computer Interactions. Shae has published papers at ACM and HRI International conferences and has two master's degrees, MS in Data Science from Indiana University and a MA in Economics from Keio University Japan.

Aoi has traveled to 41 countries, loves skiing, surfing, oil painting, and public speaking.


Panasonic Energy AI and Smart Factory Preparation: From a Data Expert and Supervisor’s View

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