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Kyle Gee

Trico Electric Cooperative

SCADA Systems Specialist

Trico Electric Cooperative

Kwame Opare Adufo

West African Gas Pipeline Company Ltd.

SCADA and Communications Specialist

West African Gas Pipeline Company Ltd.

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Advanced Technology Strategies in Energy, Water, and Oil & Gas

As critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, water, and oil & gas embrace digital transformation, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems play a central role in optimizing operations, enhancing safety, and ensuring resilience.

This panel will delve into the advanced technology strategies adopted by these industries, with a specific focus on SCADA and DCS integration and innovation. From real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance to cybersecurity and remote asset management, panelists will explore the evolving landscape of SCADA technologies and their impact on energy, water, and oil & gas sectors. Join industry experts, technology leaders, and policymakers as they discuss best practices, challenges, and future trends in leveraging SCADA systems to drive efficiency, sustainability, and operational excellence across critical infrastructure domains.

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